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Pump Shaft
 $59.95 Worn splines are very common to see on the end of the pump shaft that goes into the torque converter.  The splines can eventually wear down to nothing and when that happens the pump quits working and will instantly leave your vehicle stranded. These are new OE replacement pump shafts.
Pump Shaft
 $29.95 We also offer a cheaper alternative for the pump shaft and that is a good used piece.  We inspect the splines and only sell used pump shafts with splines in good condition so you dont have to worry about getting one in questionable condition.
4T65E Input Sun Gear  $39.95 The input sun gear is a part that is common to see excessive wear and pitting on the teeth and can eventually cause major geartrain failure.  The gears that we offer are new aftermarket replacements.
Input Carrier
 $79.95 Often when the input sun gear gets bad enough it will take out the Input Carrier as well.  Sometimes just the bearing fails in the input carrier and chews up the input sun gear but destroys the carrier.  The Input Carriers that we sell are used and have been inspected and have a new bearing installed
Reaction Carrier
 $39.95 The Reaction Carriers dont often have problems unless the input carrier goes bad and will chew up the mating teeth on the reaction carrier, or the brass thrust washers on the side of the planet gears wears down paper thin or is already gone completely and requiers replacement.  The Reaction Carriers that we sell are used and have been inspected and thrust washers replaced if needed.
Standard Differential
 $99.95 The Standard style differential used in the 4T65E comes in a 2.86, 3.05, and 3.29 ratio.  Whether the planet gears or differential gears are bad you will need to replace it as an assembly.  The differentials that we sell are used and have been thoroughly inspected to be in good condition.
Heavy Duty Differential
 $159.95 The HD, or Heavy Duty style differential used in the 4T65E only came in a 3.29 ratio. Though not as common as the standard version differentials to see in bad condition the planet gears can become damaged.  Excessive one-wheel spinning or burnouts will tear up the differential side and spider gears as well as the cross shaft and even the carrier itself.  The HD differentials that we sell are used and have been thoroughly inspected to be in good condition.
Used sprocket sets
 $49.95 There are 3 different sprocket sets that were used in the 4T65E transmission and changing the sprocket set to a different combination will change the overall gear ratio. 
The available options are-
    -33 Drive / 37 Driven
    -35 Drive / 35 Driven
    -37 Drive / 33 Driven

The sprockets can also have excessive wear on the teeth and the drive sprocket can become damaged in the bearing race area if the stator support bearing is bad.  The sprockets that we sell are used and have been inspected, cleaned, and ready to use.
Gemini Chain Set, New
 $84.95 With higher mileage the stock chain set will stretch and can eventually make noise and worse yet break.  The chain sets that we offer are New replacement sets from Morse/ Borg Warner and are V8/ LS4 spec chains that have proven to be slighly stronger and more durable than the older V6 chain sets.
ISS Reluctor Wheel, New
 $14.95 The Input Speed Sensor Reluctor wheel is very common to see worn and in need of replacement.  There are 3 alignment pins that are pressed in and typically have a loose and sloppy fit in the sprockets which over time causes the pins to become loose and even fall out.  The ISS Reluctor wheels that we sell are New OE replacements.
Hardened 4th Clutch Shaft, New
 $64.95 This is a new aftermarket 4th Clutch hub/shaft.  The spines on the end are heat treated to prevent them from wearing and stripping out which is a very big problem in these transmissions and will cause no 4th gear.  GM started using heat treated shafts around 2003, so if your trans is older it will not have this and is highly recommended to install during a rebuild. We have also seen a number of 2003 models that did not have this from the factory so make sure you inspect your original part before assuming your transmission already has it.
Input clutch apply piston, Reconditioned Used
 $19.95 This part is a common source to a lot of shudder and slippage or neutral feeling conditions from a dead stop and can be worse hot or cold.  The inner sealing surface will wear over time and causes a poor seal. We used to offer New replacements OE replacements but found many of them to have surface rust and poor finish quality on the inner sealing surface as they are stamped parts with varying quality.  The Reconditioned used pistons that we offer have been cleaned, inspected, and the inner sealing surface has been uniformly polished to provide a better seal.  Aftermarket rebuild and seal kits include a longer style inner lip seal that this surface rides on which also helps operation and longevity.
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