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4T65E Hardened 4th Clutch Shaft   $64.95 This is a new aftermarket 4th Clutch hub/shaft.  The spines on the end are heat treated to prevent them from wearing and stripping out which is a very big problem in these transmissions and will cause no 4th gear.  GM started using heat treated shafts around 2003, so if your trans is older it will not have this and is highly recommended to install during a rebuild.
 4T65E Upgraded Input Shaft  $449.99  The stock input shaft is pretty much the first major weak link in the 4T65E and once you reach roughly 300whp it is only a matter of time before it will break and leave you stranded.  We sell and install Intense Racing input shafts which are rated to aprox 500+whp and are a vast improvement over the OE part.  Not only are these input shafts thicker and made of a stronger material than the stock piece but also have many revisions throughout including improved O-ring groove, new lube diverter tube installed, reduced slop on sprocket splines, and improved oil feed holes.  These shafts are manufactured with extremely high quality and finish and made by the same company who makes the GM Racing team input shafts for their race transmissions.
 4T65E 7/8" Single Chain Conversion Set  $299.95  The stock dual chain setup works great but once you start making power above roughly the 325whp mark and make frequent track passes, especially with slicks, they will fail and break which leaves you stranded.  These single chain conversion kits use a Borg / Morse HyVo 7/8" chain and estimated ratings are 400-450 WHP depending on application.  Available ratio options are 2.93, 3.29, and 3.69  when used in combination with a 3.29:1 final drive.  If you are changing your gear ratio to a different one than what your vehicle currently has then custom tuning will be required to work correctly with the new gear ratio and to correct the speedometer.
   Replacement 7/8" HyVo Chain for above conversion set   $84.95 For high powered applications we suggest treating the 7/8" single chain as a maintanence item and it should be inspected and replaced every so often depending on power levels, track passes, gear ratio, and tire type 
 Transgo SK4T65E Shift Kit  $64.95 We have been using these Transgo shift kits since they came out for the 4T65E and they significantly help to keep shift times shorter and not sloppy as most stockers feel.  There are some rebuild tips and a few upgrade parts included as well as new accumulator springs and spacers. 
  Transgo SK4T65E Shift Kit Combo Kit   $89.95 This is a kit that we recently started to offer for those who are interested in installing a Transgo Shift Kit in their aging transmission to help aid against the common P1811 code.
The Transgo SK4T65E Shift Kit alone is a Rebuilders type kit which simply means it is intended to be installed during a rebuild and due to this there are no seals or gaskets included out of the box.  We sell a lot of these kits and suggest replacing the accumulator body gasket/plate and filter if solely planning to install the accumulator body parts of this kit to help the transmission perform better. We felt it would be easier to just offer a kit with the required gaskets and seals as well as a filter so the wearable items are covered in one package. 
Here is a list of what our Combo kit includes-

-Transgo SK4T65E Shift Kit
-SPX Filtran Filter
-Accumulator Body Gasket/Plate
-Accumulator Piston Seals
- 2-1 Servo Housing to Case seal
-Scotchbrite Pad Strip

We include a strip of Scotchbrite Pad to lightly scuff the accumulator bores which is suggested in the automatic transmission aftermarket rebuilder world.

 Sonnax 4T65E Sure Cure Kit  $139.95 The Sonnax Sure Cure Kit includes a number of great upgrades including a new Boost valve and sleeve set, TCC apply valve, TCC regulated apply valve, AFL valve for the channel plate, Imodized plastic style checkballs, Endplay shims, Converter Relief valve, Pump Pivot Pin for 97-02 pumps, Lube Tube retainer, and detailed instructions.  This kit requires a few special reaming tools and cannot be installed without them.  We have the supporting reamers and tooling to install these parts if needed, please contact us for more information.  We also offer reconditioned valve bodies and channel plates that include these components.
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