GM High Performance 4T65E

4T65E High Performance Street/Strip rebuilds 
Starting at  $2,495.00

- 4T65E-HPS1   $2,495.00 Works well Stock up to approx 280-300whp
- 4T65E-HPS2   $2,895.00 2nd level upgrade for up to approx 330whp
- 4T65E-HPS3   $3,295.00  3rd level upgrade for up to approx 360whp
- 4T65E-HPS4   $4,195.00  4th level upgrade for up to approx 450whp

We take a lot of pride in our performance rebuilds. It is a big investment and we provide a lot of details so you know what you are really getting- so please take the time to read our details below!

Please view our Custom Order Info page before contacting us for an order, Thank You!

-Listed pricing is for the cost of the transmission ONLY! Installation, core fee, and shipping are additional.

- Every Transmission is built to order. We do not stock rebuilt transmissions as there are too many variations from model to model and year to year to cover everything and keep caught up with our constant incoming workload. We typically have about a 2-3 week turnaround time on our base and mid level High Performance rebuilds and higher end builds will take longer.

- For Core Fee information please click on the tab in the Transmissions section. The costs for certain damaged parts also apply to transmissions that are brought to us for a rebuild so please review this before ordering!

4T65E-HPS1  $2,495.00

A great upgraded transmission with years of proven reliability!

Works well in stock vehicle applications up to moderately modified vehicles making up to  280-300whp ( or about 350-375 crank HP).

Our High Performance Street/Strip rebuilds include all of the features that the standard rebuild and steps it up a notch! Each High Perf rebuild is custom tailored to match your vehicle and performance level keeping in mind your current and future plans. With several hundered High Performance 4T65E rebuilds in the books since 2001 we have learned what works very well and a number of great combinations to be reliable with a wide array of power levels. 

Our 4T65E-HPS1 / Base High Performance Street/Strip model will work well in a wide range of power levels from stock to roughly the 280-300whp level which is getting into the low 13 / high 12 second quarter mile mark. For power levels and goals higher than this we offer a few upgrades to keep the transmission durable and the main weak links of the 4T65E are the input shaft and the factory dual chain set and we can help which upgrades are best for your application. 

We suggest this model over our Standard Replacement type rebuild for the factory supercharged cars and LS4 5.3 V8 cars due to the higher output of these engines in stock form. The 4T65E has basically no internal calibration changes between all of its models and options so this means that a transmission that was built for a 180HP engine is the same setup from the factory found behind the 300+HP LS4 5.3 V8 engine equipped vehicles. PCM/TCM tuning has a lot of effect on how these transmissions work and also has a direct effect on shift firmness and feel since the line pressure and shift points are controlled electrically and this is what helps make this transmission very versatile from the factory but has its limitations in the performance world. Many of the early High Performance rebuilds that we did were built to work with a 100% stock pcm tune and the result was a much quicker and firmer shifting transmission and not having to heavily rely on an aggressive tune. This works well for vehicles with stock to moderate buildups while higher HP setups will require custom pcm/tcm tuning for best results and durability. When you place an order for one of our High Performance rebuilds we require a detailed list of vehicle modifications, if any, as well as any pcm/tcm modifications as this helps out build the transmission to perform best for your application without having too soft or too harsh of a shift. Below is a basic list and starting point of what goes into all of our High Performance rebuilds.

- Thorough inspection during dissassembly
- Any questionable or excessively worn hardpart is replaced
- Hardened 4th clutch shaft
- New Morse HyVo HV-093 V8 spec Gemini chain set
- New Seals, gaskets, orings, and teflon sealing rings. Long style lip seals where applicable
- New USA made filter
- Borg Warner clutch plates and modified clutch stackup for improved shift feel
- High Energy style 3rd friction plates
- Our custom made 3rd clutch backing plate to add durability and improved clearance
- New High Energy Forward Apply Band
- New High Energy 2-1 Coast Band
- New thrust washers
- Common failure bushings replaced, others inspected and replaced as needed
- New stator support bearing
- Select bearings replaced standard, others inspected and replaced as needed
- New aftermarket input sun gear on early models (Most 2006+ are improved design)
- Reconditioned input clutch piston

All new solenoids in valve body including
- Borg Warner PCS for 97-02, OE AC Delco/Bosch for 03+ model years
- Borg Warner TCC PWM solenoid
- OE AC Delco shift solenoids

- Pressure switch manifold cleaned and tested, replaced as needed
- Wiring harness thoroughly tested and replaced as needed

- Sonnax Sure-Cure kit which includes these upgraded parts
- TCC apply valve
- TCC regulated apply valve
- TCC relief valve
- Improved design boost valve and sleeve
- AFL valve and sleeve
- Lube tube retainer, improved check balls, pump slide pivot pin

- Transgo Shift Kit.  We slightly modify this kit for improved high throttle shift feel on modified cars as well as
make a few other changes internally to quicken and firm up shift feel. The extra modifications alone make a
very significant difference in shift feel and keep clutch packs alive under high powered abuse. We set up
every transmission different to best match the vehicle it will be installed in and this is why we must have
your specific vehicle details as we do not build a one-fits-all model.

- ALL of our 4T65E-HPS1 rebuilds include a reman torque converter!

- 12 Month / 15K mile warranty on ALL High Performance rebuilds! 

Need a transmission to handle more power than our 4T65E-HPS1 ? please see upgrade options below!

4T65E-HPS2   $2,895.00

For upgraded vehicles making over the 280-300whp power level up to about 330whp on street tires this is the performance rebuilt to go with. Once you starting making over about 280-300whp the stock input shaft becomes a weak link and can shear off in the tcc o-ring groove area. An upgraded input shaft offers a much higher power handling level and is included in our HPS2 rebuild. We also set up the valve body and clutch feeds a bit more aggressive for quicker and firmer shifts to accommodate the higher power levels

Our 4T65E-HPS2  High Performance rebuild includes everything our HPS1 offers PLUS -

- 300M alloy Upgraded Input Shaft
- Sonnax Performance Ratio Boost Valve
- Additional accumulation and clutch feed modificaitons (matched per vehicle)

4T65E-HPS3   $3,295.00

For vehicles making over 325whp and up to about 360whp this is the next High Performance rebuild we offer. Once your vehicle starts getting into the 325+whp range you are pushing the limits of a stock drive chain set. We do have customers making over this power level on the stock style Gemini (dual) chain sets, but these are street tire cars and that offers a bit of cushion. Once you are in this power range, or getting into the mid 12 second range and faster in the quarter mile, and also using drag radials or race slicks you need more strength in the chain department. An upgrarded single chain conversion set is included with our HPS3 rebuild to address this.

Our 4T65E-HPS3 High Performance rebuild includes everything our HPS2 offers PLUS-

- Our 7/8" Single Chain Conversion Sprocket set and Morse HyVo Rocker style chain.
    - Available ratios are 2.93:1,  3.29:1,  or 3.69:1
- 5 Friction Input Clutch Pack for extra holding power off the line during hard launches

4T65E-HPS4    $4,195.00

For high powered builds look no further!  This is currently our highest level High Performance rebuild offering with readily available parts. Extra time and attention goes into these high end rebuilds to assure you are getting the best.  This is what we often refer to as our Turbo style rebuild and meant for vehicles making an honest 375+whp and is good for up to roughly 450whp. Our HPS4 rebuild offers the next big jump in addressing high power related weak links.

The overall transmission build itself will handle much higher power levels - Unfortunately the 7/8" drive chain starts to show its true colors with much life and abuse at these power levels and becomes the next weak link. This is a very popular high end rebuild we offer for both Series 2 3800 Turbo builds and also LS4 V8 Turbo builds which are both plenty capable of 400+whp in full street trim. We have found the 2.93 ratio 7/8" single chain set (Factory ratio for most 3800 Supercharged and also LS4 V8 applications) proves to offer the best longevity and for this reason is the only ratio we offer for this rebuild option.

The factory style torque converters are very durable and reliable but at these power levels they get stressed and opens a door for a big improvement in performance. We include a custom built Precision Industries torque converter with our HPS4 transmission rebuild. These are the best torque converters available for the 4T65E transmission hands down and we have worked closely with Precision Industries for several years to get these dialed in. Precision Industries has so much pride in these torque converters they include an unheard of 5 year warranty! Every torque converter is custom built per application/vehicle/power adder to assure you are getting what you need for best performance. These feature an exclusive custom machined billet steel cover with a dual bolt pattern which fits directly in place of a factory 245mm or 258mm torque converter and fits both bolt patterns without any flexplate modification.

3rd clutch becomes a weak link for most applications over about 350-375whp (several variables here). For several years we used our custom 12 friction 3rd clutch set (factory is 10 friction) and made a few revisions over the years to this and worked very well. Unfortunately due to supplier issues and a few other reasons we stopped offering this as a readily available option around Spring 2013. About the same time Sonnax released their new billet aluminum oversized 3rd clutch apply piston kit so we have been using these since then and the results have been good and is also a readily available part from our normal parts supplier and is also a great drop-in upgrade. These oversized pistons offer a nice level of insurance against slippage from low pressure or tune related issues that may cause slippage at the 2-3 shift.

Line pressure and clutch feeds are very important at higher power levels so we spend more time with the valve body and use what we refer to as our Stage 2 valve body and spacer plate upgrade with this level of rebuild.

Custom transmission tuning is extremely important at high power levels such as these so we now offer custom PCM/TCM reprogramming and/or file assistance at NO EXTRA COST with our HPS4 rebuilds!

Our 4T65E-HPS4 High Performance rebuild includes everything our HPS3 offers PLUS-

- Precision Industries Custom Built Torque Converter with Billet Cover
- 2.93 Ratio 7/8" Single Chain Set Only
- Sonnax Oversized 3rd Clutch Piston
- Additional Valve Body Upgrades
- Custom PCM or TCM Reprogramming OR File Assistance if you have your own tuner

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