Harsh shifts, P0742

Trouble Code P0742 TCC Stuck ON:

When this trouble code is set the pcm will command max TCC and lock adaptive shifting.  This code can be broken down into three potential problem areas as found to be common in the field.

1.  This problem can be a mechanical problem.  Possible causes of this could be a bad or stuck TCC switch that signals the pcm of current TCC operation.  Another cause though not common is a stuck TCC switch or apply valve.  If it is physically stuck in the wrong position it can cause the TCC to be stuck on all the time and even kill the engine when the vehicle is put into gear.

2.  This problem can be found to be an electrical problem.  If the wire from the TCC pressure switch to the pcm is grounded anywhere in the path it can throw this code.  This could be a wire shorted inside the trans on the internal wiring harness or the actual engine wiring harness.  If the wire is grounded the pcm thinks that TCC is on when it shouldnt be and will throw the code.

3.  This problem can be a hydraulic problem.  This is the most common cause of this code that I have found and stems back to a clogged TCC solenoid, not because it failed.  Excessive debris in the transmission or a failing torque converter lockup clutch can cause the solenoid to have debris stuck inside and this causes a restriction in fluid flow through the solenoid.  If the solenoid can not bleed off the pressure the TCC can be stuck on.  If the wrong TCC solenoid is installed during an overhaul this problem can also arise as a late 4L60E solenoid is identical but does not operate the same and acts like a clogged solenoid.  As mentioned in problem #1 a stuck TCC apply valve is a physical problem but causes a hydraulic problem because the fluid pressure will not properly bleed off because the valve is stuck in the wrong position instead of being able to move freely in the bore of the valve body.

Above are the common causes of this code, there are other possibilities but those are what generally causes the fault.  A thorough diagnosis is the only way to determine what is really at fault and a new TCC solenoid should never be assumed as the actual problem until verified.

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