Loss Of Movement

Loss of movement, Possible whine noise:

Another problem that we see often with these models is complete loss of movement after driving and wont move in any shifter range.

Very common on the 2005-2009 LS4 V8 models and factory transmissions with the 258mm torque converters.

Shutting the vehicle off for a short period of time and restarting may allow it to move again but only for a very short distance.  Typically the source of this is a plugged filter due to torque converter and/or torque converter clutch failure and the debris finds its way to the pan and gets sucked up into the filter.  Dropping the lower pan for inspecition often shows heavy amounts of dark colored debris in the pan.  If you remove the filter and cut it open you will find the debris trapped in here also.  Excessive clutch and geartrain damage can also cause the filter to become plugged up but not as common to see.

The problem can be caused by excessive TCC apply pressure and is a problem with original or factory and aftermarket rebuilt transmissions. Sonnax has a few parts to address this problem and we have used them for a long time with great success.  Unfortunately once the damage is done it often means a full rebuild as there will be lots of debris contamination throughout the transmission and must be cleaned to prevent future problems. Replacing the torque converter with a stock or reman stock style torque converter will not correct this problem and will be a short lived solution.
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