Basix-Standard V6

Our new Back to Basix series of affordable transmission rebuilds-
the Basix lineup.

Thank you for checking out our new more affordable Basix line of 4T65E rebuilt transmissions!
If you are looking for a great quality product and have a limited budget to work with then consider our new Back to Basix series, and best of all there is NO CORE FEE OR RETURN SHIPPING!   Read below to learn more!

We understand that transmission failures never occur at a convenient time and they are by no means inexpensive- especially for most vehicles produced since the mid 1990s when more and more models were computer controlled.  The 4T65E transmission is no exception to this and there just isnt a cheap answer like how things used to be as vehicles and transmissions age.  Sure, some of the used hardparts have dropped in cost since these transmissions have been around for over 15 years now, but new parts such as rebuild kits have gone up in price quite a bit over the past few years. This makes it difficult to continue offering our higher end models at the price we have the past few years and felt we needed to add a new and more affordable lineup to our rebuilt transmission offereings.
While our Standard and High Performance 4T65E models offer many of the best upgrades available to enhance durability and longevity- they are not always necessary for every rebuild or customers' needs.  We pride ourselves in keeping up with the times and implementing new products and upgrades into our transmissions as they become available and we test them to see real world benifits, but this high caliber of repair doesnt offer the best pricing and when working with a limited budget this is where our Basix line can fill the gap and help you still get a high quality rebuild from us.

So what exactly are we offering? A great compromise of our more refined high end models and a great value.

ALL of our Basix rebuilds have NO CORE FEE!  That means no higher initial cost and no return shipping hassle.  We have thought about this for quite a while and spent some time recently to finalize this more affordable option.  You still get our top quality workmanship and attention to detail but without some of the more expensive replacement and upgraded parts we use in our Standard and High Performance models.  The Basix line of transmissions are meant for STOCK and UNMODIFIED vehicles.  We are offering the Basix rebuilds for ALL GM V6 applications only. 

GM LS4 5.3 V8 and Volvo models are NOT included in this series as we feel they should only be built with our higher end recipies for best durability and also due to the higher expense and limited availability of cores.

Here is what our Basix rebuilds will include standard-
    -Transmission core to match your application
    -Thorough inspection and cleaning of all parts
-New Seals, Sealing Rings, Gaskets, Side Cover Gasket
    -New Molded 2nd and 3rd Apply Pistons
    -New Filter

      -New Borg Warner Friction Plates
-Hardened 4th Clutch Hub/Shaft
-New Pressure Control Solenoid
    -New TCC Solenoid
    -New Shift Solelnoids
    -New Thrust Washers
    -New Drive Sprocket Bearing
    -Transgo Shift Kit
    -Sonnax TCC Apply Valve
    -Sonnax TCC Relief Valve
    -Superior AFL Valve
    -Reconditioned Input Clutch Apply Piston
    -New High Energy Forward Apply Band
-Reman Torque Converter

    -12 month / 12K mile warranty**

Your cost for all of this?

1997-2002 models - $1,795.00 SHIPPED*!
2003-2008 models - $1,995.00 SHIPPED*!

* Freight shipping provided is one-way to most US Business OR Local Freight Terminals only!  Additional costs can apply if you are outside of the continental US area!

**Our warranty on this model covers our quality and workmanship of the rebuild.  Please refer to the Warranty Info page in the Transmissions section for more details

As with our other rebuilds- these will be built per order and vehicle application.  There are simply too many variations to have one of everything ready to go at all times.  We typically have about a 2 week turnaround time for our standard type rebuilds which will also apply to our new Basix line.  We also offer installations at our shop and you can contact us for more details.

Undecided which transmission repair route is best for you? Continue reading below-

All too often we have customers that are on the fence to either buy a used transmission, find a local rebuild shop, or order a custom transmission from us.  
-Used transmissions are the cheapest "initial" cost option without question. However, almost every used transmission  is unfortunately a gamble- you have no idea of the vehicles' history that it came from or if it has ever been maintained properly or abused.  You may get a great deal on one, install it, and find out that it slips during shifts, sets trouble codes, or worse yet does not even work at all.  If you install it yourself then it is not a huge heartbreaker and you take/send it back and get a replacement and hope round 2 goes better.  If you paid a shop to install your used transmission then guess what- you are likely paying for installation a second time for a second transmission, so that $500 labor cost is now $1000 and not looking soo cheap anymore.
-A rebuilt transmission is the more logical choice if you can afford it.  You get a better warranty, new parts, and often times improvements.  Every shop does something different during a rebuild so is near impossible to speak on behalf of anyone elses work or quality so it is best to do your own research and plan accordingly.  Depending on area, rebuilds can easily exceed $2,000 and you may not be getting what you think you paid for. 
-Our Standard and High Performance line of transmissions have long had a great reputation for quality and durability and always feature top quality parts and upgrades as a starting point, but adding the transmission core fee and two-way freight shipping charges for customers that we ship to can quickly increase the initial cost which is not always something that works for everyones budget.


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