About Triple Edge Performance

Welcome to Triple Edge Performance

We are a company specializing in Automatic Transmission rebuilding, High Performance Automatic Transmission rebuilding, Parts and Tech Support

We started rebuilding automatic transmissions in the High Performance market from the beginning. Our reputation has been mainly with the 4T65E but we actually rebuild about anything and everything needing upgraded.
Whether it is for Heavy Duty truck use or the Weekend Warriors - We have you covered!  Please contact us for more info

The GM / Hydramatic 4T65E and Volvo style 4T65EV / GT models are transmissions that we spend most of our time working with and specialize with from stock to highly modified applications.

We are also a parts supplier and offer technical support to assist not only other shops but also do-it-yourself customers.  Interested in our focus and where we got started? Continue reading below to find out more!

A little history:

Triple Edge Performance and its focus was created in 2004.  The idea behind the company was to not only offer high quality rebuilt automatic transmissions and parts but also to offer the Do-It-Yourself guys technical support before - during - and after the rebuild.  I have great pride in offering this service and I owe a great deal of this willingness to someone who helped me a long time ago and went way out of his way to share information above and beyond the original intentions and greatly helped me look at a new and better direction to rebuilding great street oriented performance automatic transmissions.  Triple Edge Performance is a small company and is intended to stay that way which is something else I learned that works best in previous years.  Staying a small company greatly helps to provide that personal touch whether you are a customer or just looking for help and while I often get overwhelmed between keeping up on the workload, answering tech questions on the phone, or sending detailed email replies I try my best to treat everyone fairly and do my best to help out.  I greatly thank those of you who have supported this company and my products!

While high performance automotive applications has been my focus for a long time I dove into the automatic transmission industry in 1998 after going through tech school and taking a great interest in the mystery behind not only how they work but how to make improvements.  Coming from a long electrical interest background it was fitting to take an early focus and interest in diagnosing automotive computer and electrical systems as well as diving into repairing late model electronically controlled automatic transmissions.  I have learned a great wealth of knowledge over the last 15 years in the automotive world and have greatly enjoyed the challanges and obstacles that had to be overcome along the way and continue to do so.  Though high performance rear wheel drive applications was the learning foundation it was a great starting point to apply to the front wheel drive arena simply because it doesnt have the vast support that the rwd crowd has.  The GM Series 2 3800 engine really set the tone for a performance market in the fwd community, especially with the supercharged L67 engine which boasted 240 HP / 280 Lb/Ft torque in stock form and a new era of high performance enthusiasm began and the 4T65E transmission debuted.  I took a great personal interest in this engine and transmission combo in 2001 and without question it became the number one focus to work with.  After rebuilding several hundred of these transmissions it was clear to see the common problems and shortcomings as well as how to help address these problems with a few upgrades and changes and this will continue to improve as these transmissions further age and show their problem areas.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it gives you a good sense of how this business operates and attention to detail that goes into every product that goes out the door.

Owner/Operator:  David Norris


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